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Guru Kirpa Travel serves within Calgary as a one-stop-shop, for any travel destination across the globe. We are the best Travel Agency in Calgary Down Town, NE, and NW. We offer all services from flights, vacation packages, visas, and travel insurance. We can also book your car rentals and excursions. With over 8 years of operating experience, we are confident to provide you a trip that is going to be unforgettable and relaxing. We offer Business & Vacation Travel Packages. Call us now and get a quote for your planned trip, we will find the cheapest one available right away! Guru Kirpa Travels will stop at nothing to promise you the best booking experience for your ticket or travel package. Our Travel Agents are trained to provide you with support from the beginning to the end, taking you through each step to ensure that your experience will be extraordinary. It’s the moments after booking that will be your best stories, the most exciting adventures, and the fondest memories. No one can help you get to, and enjoy, these moments quite like Guru Kirpa Travels can.  If you are looking for the Alberta Travel Agencies then Guru Kirpa Travels is the Best Travel Agency in Calgary for you. Trust Guru Kirpa Travels for your next trip, our experience will ensure that we will stretch your budget further than you could ever imagine, allowing you to have your dream getaway for longer. We offer you Calgary Travel Deals with guarantee the lowest prices.

Incentive Details:

Receive The Following:

  • $10 to $50 off for all domestic tickets to north America.
  • $20 to $100 off for all International tickets.
  • Up to 20% Off Travel Insurance
  • 10% to 15% Off Super Visa

To redeem your discount. Just show your valid KmoonCard to our Vendor Member upon check out.


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