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When we thought about opening a restaurant, at first we were thinking what would we name it? Unanimously we selected MALABAR because MALABAR was the familiar word used by the travelers to denote modern Kerala. Presently northern Kerala is known as MALABAR. Thalassery and Kozhikode area is known as centre of MALABAR. Our tastes are not only from MALABAR but also from other regions of Kerala. By the 7th century, Arab traders visited Kerala to sell silk, diamonds and other valuable merchandise. Influenced by the Arab culinary traditions and leaning heavily on our own spice combinations, mappila cuisine is known for its distinct taste.Kozhikode and Thalassery are known as the centre of Malabar cuisine. Our specialty is MALABAR Biriyani, especially “ DUM” tops the list of delicacies, in this preparation rice and meat (chicken, mutton/ lamb/goat, beef or prawn) cooked by heat applied from top and bottom of the cooking vessel at the same time.South India’s indigenous Dosa with Uzhunnu( Urdu dal/ black gram) vada is another mouth-watering dish from our kitchen. How many of you know that dosa was already in use in ancient Tamil Country around the 1st century AD. FYI, a recipe of dosa can found in “ Manasollasa”, a12th century Sanskrit encyclopedia. Kerala’s pride puttu is also served in our restaurant. A survey conducted by the private TV channel said that combination of puttu and kadala(chickpeas) curry is the best breakfast.Malayalees/ Keralites, unavoidable fish curry, prepared in coconut milk or red chilly (mulakuarachathu), is another savory dish from MALABAR Cafe. Beef fry is one of our most tempting additions, it is unique to MALABAR Cafe. We are not able to list all our full-flavored dishes. So come and try from MALABAR Cafe.

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